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Our little backstory




UPWORDS is passionately transforming lives and empowering futures through creating powerful (yet super trendy) boxes of encouragement. Through our passion project we are spreading lasting change, not just to those who receive our products full of purpose, but to our global family as well. The best news is that when you make a purchase, you are, too! 

UPWORDS is sponsoring a program that works to provide food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, and an English-based education for orphans in the care of JesusWay India. 

How can you help? We have committed to donating 20% of every sale to their 400+ resident orphans and their 300+ non-resident students! This means that 20% of every purchase made (online, retail and wholesale) is given directly to this fund.

We regularly post updates on how our part in this incredible mission is evolving. Pop over to our social media sites and see the progress that this fund is making in the lives of these young scholars.

Your contribution creates a BIG impact! Over the past four years, we have donated over $20,000 to the mission! Every $30 that we donate provides a month of food, housing, and education for one orphan. The donations from every purchase you make contribute to world-changing essentials and opportunities for these beloved children.

Join UPWORDS in showing love to our global community